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          Grass Cutter
          Grass Cutter

          Grass Cutter

          company : Yantai MD Garden Machinery CO.,LTD
          address : Yantai


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          HGC660 26'' Heavy Duty Farm Grass Cutter.

          HGC660 grass cutter choose 14 horsepower engine southeast, strong power, a complete pressure oil pump, better cut the grass on slope, the more compressive capacity (including up to 2.5 inches thick trees) and power steering.


          Power steering makes HGC660 the most agile grass cutter.?Especially suitable for cutting grass on a slope.Because each wheel has an independent disc brake, it can move forward and still.You can use the feather to drag up the uphill brakes to improve the tracking and traction of the machine., on the other hand, HGC660grass cutter?is hilly mowing on a very good choice, because it contains a full pressure oil injection so you can be in cut 20 ° slopes, easy operation, no effort.

          Launch convenience, 4 stroke, self-propelled, super - saving power.The cutting head can swing 30 degrees or so, and weeds and shrubs are clearly cleaner.The fast rotating blade and powerful power make it 2.5 "thick" through the power of the sapling.



          Model?????? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? HGC660

          ? ?

          Engine??????????????????????????????????????? 14HP/9.0KW/420CC

          ? ?

          Start Mode????????????????????????????????? Recoil Start

          ? ?

          Rotation Speed of Cutter???????????? 1950rpm

          ? ?

          Speed????????????????????????????????????????? 4 Forward,1 Reverse,neutral

          ? ?

          Working Width??????????????????????????? 660mm/26inch

          ? ?

          Tank Capacity (fuel/oil)???????????????? 6.5L/1.1L

          ? ?

          Assembly Dimensions?????????????????? 2150X810X1150mm

          ? ?

          Packing Size???????????????????????????????? 1400X820X1260mm

          ? ?

          G.W/N.W????????????????????????????????????? 160kg/140kg

          ? ?

          20ft/40ft/40HQ??????????????????????????? 40' HQ FCL qty:44 pcs

          ? ?

          Main features are as follows:
          1. About design.

          The cutter head can swing 30 degrees.
          In the case that the wheel does not move, the mower head can be used to cut and swing according to the different terrain.

          2. About quality.
          Our lawn mower use cog?belt, dry ?or cut edge belt .
          The engine is the LONCIN engine.
          The tyre is a wear-resistant and thickened pneumatic tyre.

          ?3.?Cutting capacity?
          8' tall weeds & brush ; 2.5'' thick saplings ; 4'tall grass


          14 HP Loncin G420F Engine

          The legendary power, performance and durability of Loncin engines make them the obvious choice for our Walk-Behind grass cutters.?With the HGC660 model, you step up to a Briggs Intek Series OHV engine, with full-pressure oil pump (great for positive lubrication even on side slopes), spin-off oil filter, 420cc of displacement, cast-iron cylinder sleeve, and easy, ?recoil starting.


          26" swing Deck

          The 26" deck is wide enough for effective clearing, but is still very maneuverable.?Unlike rigid, fixed decks found on some mowers, the HGC660 deck swings from side to side, allowing it to follow the contours of rough terrain.?This feature minimizes scalping and improves traction.


          Excellent cutting

          Our deck is surrounded by three sides, so that the weeds and shrubs cut will be chopped up, cut and cut into thin coverings.That means leaving little residue on field.



          Gearbox drive: choose the speed that suits you

          HGC660 of gear transmission system allows you to lock your ground speed, let your hands free to guide the machine on uneven terrain (rather than using sensitive throttle control) when you travel.With 4?forward gears , you can choose a fixed rhythm that suits you.


          Large size, wear-resistant tires are sure to pull

          Such a tyre exceeds the other grass cutter.Their dimensions, the 18-inch x6.5-inch x8 inches, have superior traction properties that can pull the lawn mower over or above anything.And they're sealed.This means they have a strong resistance to piercing.Super wear-resistant, obviously!


          Sturdy blades and decks

          Mowing the fields and bushes was a painful business, and the heavy mowers could not be put to work where the hard stuff grew.We equip our machines with heavy, laser-cut steel and reinforce key points so that you can get a product that can withstand years of use and low maintenance costs.


          Simple control, easy operation

          On the control panel and grip, all buttons and grass cutter?controls are designed to optimize operator comfort and reduce hand fatigue.Everything you need is at your fingertips, so there's no need to move around the lawn mower to make adjustments.


          Heavy powder coating

          Our frame and deck are made of a tough, durable powder coating that resists scratches and extends life.

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